Valuing Motherhood

Baby and Calf - photo credit Robyna MayWhat do you do?   It’s an innocuous question.  An icebreaker. Something we say.

It’s not generally a request for a persons complete CV.  Yet, that’s how I answer that question.   I am at home at the moment on maternity leave but I will be back at work next year.  I did manage IT and knowledge for a law firm, but managing a big team with children wasn’t ideal so I have moved into more of a consultative role.

It’s only recently that I have started asking myself why I do this.  What am I really saying is: I am a mum, and that’s fun and all, but I am also an intelligent, successful person with a career.  I am actually quite smart and valuable.  And you aren’t going to see me that way if I only tell you the mum bit. Continue reading