Five super ace awesome things about being a FIFO wife

Over the last month I can safely say that I burnt myself out and ended up really sick. I also faced up to the fact that I can’t do ‘life’ on my own anymore and asked my husband to come home. It was a big, scary question to ask, but he said “yes” without even blinking. It’s a good feeling to know he’s coming home once he finds the right job.

I know what you’re all thinking – that’s not very funny Sarah…

DJ Lance 2

Well in an effort to turn my frown upside down, I thought I’d have a think about what makes FIFO life (or DIDO, BIBO, etc) super ace awesome fun! *said with a DJ Lance voice. Here is what I have come up with: Continue reading

Newbie Blogger Slip-Ups

Keep Calm and Carry On Blogging
I am not new to blogging, but I am new to the concept of growing readership, caring about stats and dreaming some big bloggy dreams. This means I am also new to the blogging community, link-ups, blogging courses and the general blog subculture. Whenever I participate, I feel like one of those “long time listener, first time caller” types. And as I first time caller, I have made some slip ups.

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There’s a reason Pregnancy and Psycho both start with ‘P’

Pregnancy and Psycho

Pregnancy for me wasn’t the magical, spiritual journey that I had expected. I had all day sickness for the first half, and for the last half I suffered a number of complications that meant I was in chronic pain. Becoming a total Psycho though, for the whole 40 weeks, was something I REALLY didn’t expect. Here are a few of my funnier (in hindsight) moments. Continue reading