September’s Challenge – Before Kids | After Kids

Minx ChallengeThe Inner Minx – Before Kids | After Kids

This challenge is designed to get you thinking about who you are after kids, who you were before kids and the things you want to reclaim.

>>Week One:  Map out your life before kids and after kids. the inner minx – part 1

>>Week Two: Look at the things you want to have back in your life.  How might you be able to do that within your new lifestyle? the inner minx – part 2

>> Week Three:  Commitment time!  What are you going to commit to in order to get back some of that minxy mojo? the inner minx – part 3

>>Week Four:  Just a little bit of fun.  See if you can get bingo by the end of the week, playing Me Time Bingo.  It’s okay to take some time out for you.  Seriously.   Minx Time Bingo


Before Kids and After Kids Excerise Minx Time Bingo Picture

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