October’s Challenge: Re-igniting Passions and Realising your Value

Minx ChallengeRe-igniting Passions and Realising your Value

This challenge follows on from Before Kids | After Kids and is all about finding the things that set your soul alight and valuing yourself.

>>Week One:  Follow the prompts to think about your passions and the stuff you are awesome at.  Printable – Reigniting Your Passion – Week 1

Photo Credit Robyna May

>>Week Two: Map out your passions and your talents, think about where and how you could share and nurture them.Printable – Reigniting Your Passion – Week 2
Photo Credit Robyna May

>> Week Three:  Commitment time! How are you going to nurture your passions?  How are you going to share your value? Printable – Reigniting Your Passion – Week 3
Photo Credit Robyna May

>>Week Four:  Let’s let the people in our lives know how AWESOME they are.  Send out our postcards to let those in your life know that you think they are pretty special. Printable – Post Card – You are Amazing and Printable – Post Card – You are an Amazing Mother

Photo Credit Robyna MayThis month’s challenge is also explained here:


Photo Credit - Robyna May

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