We are more than just a blog.  We want to challenge you and inspire you.  Every month we will hold challenges that will do just that.

Every month we will host both a mummy or minx challenge.   As mothers of young children, our passion is reigniting the minx after motherhood.

We know that not all our readers will have babies and we also know that there are many things in a woman’s life that can shake her soul.  Perhaps you have started a new career or are a feeling in a rut.  Maybe you have come out of a relationship or into one.  Your home may feel empty after your grown up children have flown the coup.  You might be battling with health issues.  Whatever is happening in your life, you might find the minx challenges useful.

In addition to our monthly challenges, we are hosting #MinxItUpFriday and #MummyLaughsMonday.
If you are up to something a bit minxy of a Friday, we would love to see it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MinxItUpFriday.  Maybe a nice lunch, a treat, pretty nails, a piece of art, a hot coffee or a beautiful sky.  Something that makes your inner minx happy.
We firmly believe that a good laugh can make a lot of mummy problems seem easier, and we are happy for you to have a laugh on us.  So every Monday we will be posting #MummyLaughsMonday.  If you have a funny story, we’d love you to share it with us.

Challenge Folder

Would you like a spiffy folder for your worksheets? Of course you would! Click on the image for a printable PDF.

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