10 ways to protect images of our kids on the internet

10 Ways to protect images of your kids on the internet

As a part of this month’s challenge, we thought it would be irresponsible of us if we didn’t discuss the serious side of keeping our kids images safe on the internet.

Many of us snap and post without giving it a second thought. But what are the risks once we post that photo?

I had a discussion yesterday with Detective Senior Sergent Steve Loth from Taskforce Argos. Taskforce Argos is a specialised branch in the Queensland Police Service that is responsible for the investigation into online child exploitation and abuse. Detective Senior Sergent Loth was very generous with his time and provided some key messages we should all be thinking of when we manage our photos. A lot of it is common sense, but it is a good reminder all the same. Continue reading

Why I am all for Halloween in Australia

Halloween Image-2
There are issues that divide this nation.
 Which way the toilet paper roll should be hung.  Whether the toothpaste should be squeezed from top or bottom.  Whether the toilet seat should be left up or down.  Okay, maybe these are issues that just divide my household.

But there is one topic that comes around this time of year guaranteed to polarise opinion: HALLOWEEN Continue reading

10 things we have learned from Nina Proudman. Please stay and teach us more.

Original Image Credit - Channel Ten
It was the confirmation of a suspected fear. That the hole in our Wednesday nights and the gap in our wardrobe inspiration would be permanent.  That the poignant final scene of Offspring season five was, in fact, the last good-bye.

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Why I love Joan

photo credit Charles William Bush

photo credit Charles William Bush

Confession Time.  I watch day-time television.  And (oh boy) it tends to mostly be the E! channel.  I have a girl crush on Giuliana Rancic and I can’t go past Fashion Police.  I come for the fashion, but I stay for Joan Rivers acerbic wit.

Most of the things she said were vulgar, racist, sexist, inappropriate, politically incorrect and utterly, utterly hilarious.   Perhaps she shouldn’t have said the things she said, but if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have been Joan Rivers.  She said the things no-one else would have dared even think up.  In a world of carbon copies, I think she was one of a kind.

Here are five reasons I love Joan Rivers… Continue reading