Mummy, noun., an informal term for mother.

Minx, noun.,  a bold, flirtatious, confident and impudent girl or young woman.


11-We are Sarah and Robyna, both mothers on a journey to rediscover our inner minxes and we invite you along.  We want to inspire you as mothers, and empower you as minxes.

This blog is NOT about being a yummy mummy, although we both enjoy fashion.  It is NOT about losing those last five kilos after pregnancy, although if that is your goal, we are going to support you 100%.  It is NOT about telling you the best ways to raise your kids, although we talk about what is working and not working for us.  It is NOT about paleo-clean-latest fad eating, although Sarah in particular is passionate about nutritious food and cooking.

It IS about finding the parts of yourself that may have gone into hiding since having kids.  It IS about getting the mojo back into your life.  It IS about expanding possibilities when they contract after having babies.

It IS about you – the intrinsic you.

We want this to be a place without judgement.   We want this to be a place where you feel good about yourself. The place you can plug into, get energy, get excited, get real and get that inner minx out to play.  We host regular challenges to help us all do just that.



Professional images by the very talented Bree of Bree Naomee Photography

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