October challenge – Re-igniting your passions, realising your value

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Most big changes in life result in some personal reflection.

For us, motherhood had us both questioning our worth and roles. I think there are two common elements to mothers questioning their value:

1. Economic – all of a sudden most of us aren’t contributing as much (if at all) to the household income and we are dependent on our partner.

2. We devalue our role – I personally feel that being a mother in today’s society is largely under valued. There’s a perspective that ‘anyone’ can be a mother and that it is ‘easy’. Heaven help the person who ever says this to my face because believe me – if you’re a good parent, parenting is not easy. It is bloody hard and constant (and rewarding, amazing, yes all very #blessed as well!) work.

Here at The Mummy & The Minx we think a good mum is worth her weight in saffron (that stuff is REALLY expensive!).

If you are struggling with your role and value, we would like to suggest that you have a look at what you are doing from a different perspective. This month’s challenge will take you through a process that will help you better understand your skills, loves and passions as well as look at how others value them. We will help you see the value within, as well as the value you contribute to your family, friends and society. Last but not least we’re going to ask you to spread the word – tell another mum (or dad) that they are doing the toughest job in the world awesomely!

This is one challenge that our lovely likers who aren’t mums will also be able to get a lot out of. Before kids and before Mr G as well, I used to question my worth and role. If I had had these worksheets, I think that I would have been feeling a bit more positive about what I was doing.

We want all mums and women to feel good about themselves. We hope completing this challenge will help you feel amazing about where you at, and what you are doing.

To be a part of the October Challenge – click here



3 thoughts on “October challenge – Re-igniting your passions, realising your value

  1. I have my days when I do question my worth but thankfully I have a wonderful husband who is always telling me “I don’t know how you do it every day”. He loves his boys but could never be a stay a home dad. Last year I was doing some weekend work which meant he was home all weekend with the boys, they were 5 & 3, and he couldn’t believe how much attention they required. We decided as a family our weekends together were more important and I now don’t work weekends, luckily for us we are financially stable enough where I don’t have to work but I don’t feel I contribute any less than my husband. If the boys were in child care the costs would probably out cost what I would earn and we made a decision that our boys are only little for such a short amount of time before they are at school full time, plenty of time then to work part time for me. Yes, we watch what we spend but I think the time I have been able to give to our boys far outweighs anything else. And writing this right now, my little boy has just walked out of his bedroom with sleepy eyes, crawled up onto my lap and having a wonderful cuddle, not having to rush him out the door so I can go to work, I’m feeling very worthy. Sometimes it’s just the little things. 🙂


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